Neem Powder

  • 100% organic neem powder is a product produced by Deogiri Organic pvt. Ltd. 
  • Neem powder is produced using high quality neem extracts & modern scientific techniques. This in turn gives better & guaranteed results in durable  time.
  • This product is in the form of a powder,which makes it easy to mix well in soil as well as other chemical fertilizer.This physical characteristic of this product helps to maintain the granulation period of the crops.
  • This product is highly enriched with essential nutrients such as “NITROGEN,PHOSPHORUS & POTASSIUM”   
  • If a dosage of this product is given along with urea (in a ratio of 4:1) , it would reduced the usage of urea upto 40%.
  • Neem powder is a natural soil conditioner that helps improve the quality of soil, thereby enhancing the growth of plants and fruits. It not only helps the plants grow, but also prevents them from being destroyed by certain pests and insects. Organic soil conditioner is gaining popularity in agricultural industry.